Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birks The Core: Kwiat Launch

It's been a while since the last post, so I thought what better to write about than things that sparkle!? It's become more and more obvious (especially to those of higher education) that the world is a better place when everything sparkles...or maybe it's just me.

Thursday night and I had no plans! Realizing that everyone was already tied up with other obligations I came across a very comforting event (set up). If you ever feel lonely and you need someone, there's no place like Birks at The Core; after all they do say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". Diamonds are one of the many things they do not fall short of at this high-end retailer.

Tonight the team at Birks shut down early to put together a beautiful presentation for the launch of their Kwiat boutique. Kwiat, a family owned company since 1907 wich has  been passed down through five generations focuses on the sheer comfort along with the most impeccable quality of their timeless pieces. These jewels are more than just a one-time statement, they're an investment, a family heirloom that will be passed down for decades and decades to come.

For the event tonight, Birks brought in a number of jaw-dropping looks from the Kwiat collection. Among the showcases were exclusive previews of the collection designed for Hollywood celebrities including A-Lister's: Natalie Portman, Megan Fox, and Carrie Underwood.

Circa 1960, 15.52 carats of diamonds...need I say more? 

My favourite earrings, (ahem..Valentine's Day gift..ahem)

A hundred years in the making..for every decade Kwiat has been, a specialty piece (shown above) has been designed. 

My FAVOURITE piece of the whole collection!
Circa 1970; this 4.51 carat orange sapphire ring is set in 18k yellow gold and embedded with 11.65 carats of diamonds. What pretty penny will it take to be the proud mother of this diamond ring? Only $60,000 ;)

The way these diamonds just rest against your skin is remarkable! It's like wearing silk when your body temperature is perfect - not too hot, not too cold.

I love. Enough said.

Birks, despite my self control and my wallet, I'd like to thank you for your incredible hospitality and customer service!! I'll be by soon to register for all of the above.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blo For Hope

Thursday night, Chelsey, Jamie (Jason's sister whose in town for the hair show) and I went down to Sociale for a charity event Blo For Hope, in hopes to raise money for breast cancer research. The host for the evening was none other than Blo Blow Dry Bar! The ambiance was great - pink EVERYWHERE! The venue was filled with balloons, yummy treats like cookies, cupcakes and donuts, blo-tinis (which were fantastic!), even tiarras and blo-buttons!! The DJ was mixing the beats keeping the vibe alive while the entire first floor started to pack with people flooding in. The Blo girls had a small station set up where you were able to get your hair styled for the evening, and they had a photographer snapping photos of guests on the gorgeous pink carpet outside, as well as inside the party. We were lucky enough to run into most of the local bloggers, including Vincent of Binzento Vincente, and Karolina of Karolina's Style. We also ran into Daryl White (D.W. Fashion) and Aleem (Bano & eeMee). It was a fabulous night, and all for a good cause! We're more excited then ever to try Blo for ourselves, and hats off to them for a fantastic fundraiser! 

The always adorable Ivanka! 

Blo-tini love <3 

(From Left) D.W, Vincent, Karolina and Ivanka 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Calgary Woman's Show (for women, of course!!)

The cool fall days tend to send us inside, and today it sent myself along with (2/3 of my sisters) Jem and Phillies to the BMO Center for the Calgary Woman's Show.

So excited!

I thought we'd take a quick peek and browse around, little did we know we'd be spending our day there! The booths were endless and full of so much to look at, eat, try on and buy!

Our very first stop was the Blo/Smashbox station where I met up with Anna and stocked up on more Moroccan oil! Next was the Zenobia fashion show. I'm not too sure if you guys are familiar, but Zenobia is located in Fashion Central and focuses on enhancing your image by working with what you've already got! They're a great place to go for good quality, classic pieces that will last you a long time. The best part? Everything is custom to your measurements!
Our following destination was Aleem's Bano & eeMee booth which was full of his new collection. I managed to get fitted for my tuxedo jacket today =D can't tell you how stoked I am! Aleem has really built his brand on being both ethical as well as sustainable. Because Bano & eeMee is true to being fair trade, this label is more than just a clothing line - it is the livelihood of the producers (currently in Pakistan).

Then..we hit up the food aisle! FREE samples of potatoes, salad, yogurt, hummus, bubble tea, Thai, BBQ, honey... need i say more?

Phillies and I were graced with the presence of Will and Kate while we got our photos taken  at the Virgin 98.5 station.

Blue man

The highlight of my show were the sexy firefighters raising money for Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society

Heading out! Thanks for having us!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bano & eeMee

Just a couple mobile device shots from our night at Eleven Eleven Boutique!

Our good friend Aleem of Bano & eeMee put out a fantastic line for the fall, and needless to say.. I WANT EVERYTHING! Lucky for me, Aleem agreed to do a custom blazer for me, seeing as how it's impossible for me to find something with such structure off the racks! So excited for this piece, I might pee my pants! It's public now Aleem..there's no turning back! =P

Domingo, Katrina, and Vincent (busy tweeting!)

Love love love these shorts!

Aleem with his models!

Eleven Eleven, thanks for having us!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Eleven Eleven Designer Shopping Night

This past weekend Ivanka and I went to Eleven Eleven Boutique for their Designer Shopping Night. The shop had a ton of great deals, and lots of local clothing and jewelry designers. They had wine and appetizers set up in the gallery upstairs, while the guests mingled and browsed the clothing downstairs. The fashion show was completely different than anything I had seen before, but it was a refreshing change! The models walked through the shop casually, there was no set catwalk, and they weren't in any kind of rush. They took the time to pose for photos and let you get a really close look at all of the amazing pieces they were showing. It was the first time we seen Ruby Ellen Designs, and we were extremely lucky to see the collection she just showed at Boston Fashion Week. We were especially looking forward to seeing our friend Aleem, designer of Bano and eeMee. He just recently started selling his collection in Eleven Eleven and has amazing pieces at reasonable prices. His work has taken off in Calgary and it's almost impossible not to see one of his pieces at local fashion events. We're definitely coveting a few of his items!

Ruby Ellen Designs

Our fabulous host for the evening, Lana of Eleven Eleven

Us [insert]calgary ladies, and the much taller Karolina of Karolina's Style Blog 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashionsign Magazine Launch

Saturday night Ivanka and I attended the Fashionsign Magazine launch party! It was fantastic. The whole party took up the top floor of Art Central, and in part was hosted by Stoneworx Gallery where they had pieces from the Dong Show, and a table full of the yummiest/most adorable cupcakes ever! We were able to mingle with some of the most fashionable people in Calgary, as the whole place was packed! We were also lucky enough to speak to Chantel Traub about her amazing collection, which she was showing in the fashion show later that night. Host of the evening, Sabrina May (Of Sabrina May Public Relations, and also of Fashionsign) looked stunning in one of Chantel's hand painted dresses. The fashion show featured looks from Art Central retailer Studio Intent and, as previously mentioned, Chantel Traub. You can buy your own digital copy of Fashonsign Magazine on their website, and hard copies will be available at a later date for order as well. If you pick one up make sure to keep your eyes open for our Facebook page photo, which was selected as a top 5 photo of Calgary and is featured in the issue! (Cue Chelsey squealing like a little girl)

Ivanka and Chantel Traub

Sabrina May

Studio Intent

Studio Intent

Studio Intent

Chantel Traub

Chantel Traub

Chantel Traub

Chantel Traub, this gown also appears on the cover of Fashionsign this month!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


What is there to do on a random Saturday afternoon? EAT! Chelsey and I went down to 4th for a quick bite at Boxwood and what a treat it was! We shared a few tapas including the Red Lentil Hummus, Spiced Almonds and Pecans, and the Fresh Baked Bread served with their house churned butter. The hummus was a new adventure for Chels, and I think it may take a little getting used to. As an avid hummus-eater myself it was good, but can't beat Odette's homemade "heaven in a Tupperware container". The almonds and pecans were confusing at first, I didn't understand - were they sweet? were they savoury? However, after a few bites and careful deliberation the decision was unanimous, we both liked them! What can I say about the bread and butter.. it was probably the most thoroughly enjoyed part of the meal, quite possibly because we were both STARVING and started off with it, but more likely because it's got that nostalgia behind it, that comfort food, or that last minute addition you throw together with every meal. I think Chelsey would agree, the butter was so creamy and rich, if I didn't know how socially unacceptable it was, I would eat it off a spoon!

Don't worry, we always save room for dessert!! We couldn't decide between two of the choices, so naturally we ordered both! First up was the Saskatoon Berry Ice Cream Sandwich - HOLY MOLY, I looked at it and looked at C.Bass carefully cutting it with her spoon, then looked down at it again and just dove in face first. All I can say is that it definitely didn't last long! And to top off our meal we shared the Fair trade Chocolate Raspberry Caramel Brownie. I think that because I started with the ice cream sandwich, the brownie just had no chance. In hindsight it was very yummy, I really liked the different textures in it with the creamy brownie base, the chunks of raspberries and the little bits of crunchy caramel.

Boxwood, I give you an 8/10 for food, 10/10 for ambiance and service!

Chelsey, with Boxwood in the background

Hummus, Pecans and Almonds!

Saskatoon Berry Ice Cream Sandwich and Chocolate Raspberry Caramel Brownie